Extracurricular Activity Programme

South View School offers a full range of Extra-curricular activities, running throughout the week for all students. A range of sporting, academic, language and creative activities will be available to the South View Students. All squads will be in addition to these ECAs.

Please note: all squad ECAs are selective and an invitation to join is based on the trial.

We are pleased to also offer a range of paid additional extra-curricular activities by our third-party external providers.

Atletas Tennis Academy

Atletas Tennis Academy introduces proven to be effective Spanish methodology to achieve all those components. Spanish method emphasizes on balance, footwork and mental strength. To learn more, please try out one of our classes. We offer tennis lessons – all levels – for kids (age 3+) as well as adults. With the guidance of the team of experienced coaches, our students have performed well in UAE tournaments and competition, and some of them are UAE number one ranking in their age categories. 

Classes on Offer:

Cubs Tennis Program introduces tennis to 2 – 4 years old children, at Wonders Years. Our goal is to encourage kids to be passionate about sports and healthy life, through tennis activities. This program has been designed by Professional Pedagogues and Tennis Specialists.

Junior Program classes are conducted on the weekdays, from 4 to 8 pm, and on the weekend mornings from 8 to 11 am. Days and times depends on players age and skills. Classes are usually 60 minutes. We currently have all levels and ages.

High Performance Tennis Program assists students to become the most complete tennis players, able to manage all levels and modes of competitions. Those players selected will join UAE Tennis Leagues and different competition during the year. Session are delivered usually late in the evening, for 90 minutes. We currently have top UAE player U8, U10, U12, U14 and U16. 

Aquatix Swimming

Aquatix Swimming Training is a UAE-licensed swim provider with over fifteen years’ experience of running ASA-based programmes.  We currently operate at a number of schools, nurseries and college locations in Dubai. Come learn or develop your swimming with our friendly, experienced staff.

Our approach

To create a progressive swimming programme with clearly defined levels and a structure that enables our swimmers to develop at their own pace. We aim to celebrate each and every milestone to support the swimmer build on both confidence and ability.

Learn to Swim Programme

A fun, enjoyable and educational experience that builds the confidence and safety of your child in the water, in progressive and structured stages. Working on the fundamentals of swimming at each stage to develops the competencies and individual abilities in all four strokes (back, free, breast and fly) and as well as aquatic breathing and skills. The children will be rewarded at each stage of the programme to ensure they, and you, can see the progression.

Our Team

Our teachers and coaches come from a variety of backgrounds and are all ASA-qualified from level 2 through to level 4. We have taken the well-structured UK ASA swimming programme and added more flexibility to allow for the earlier water introduction for children based in the UAE. Our programme accommodates swimmers of all abilities in an inclusive environment to reach their potential in the water!

DuGym Gymnastics 

DuGym would like to welcome all the South View Students to Gymnastics Classes

We are looking to offer an extensive programme for all the abilities and age groups following the syllabus and ethos set by the British Gymnastics Association.

Gymnastics helps children to

develop coordination, strength and power,

improves flexibility,

stimulates self confidence and self-esteem,

teaching listening and learning skills.

In addition to all the recreational levels we will run Acrobatic Gymnastics classes as a discipline where gymnasts perform together acrobatic moves, dance and tumbling, set to music:

balance routine focuses on strength and flexibility,

dynamic routine includes throws catches

combined routine is a mix from both balance and dynamic.

We are also looking forward to partnership with the school in the Gymnastics School Squad program to offer all the south view students the possibility to compete and represent their school throughout the academic year.

Please feel free to contact DuGym to know more information.

Looking forward to see you in the Gym at South View School.

Hoops Dreams

“ One Team One Dreams”

Hoops Dreams Basketball Academy offers outstanding basketball classes in Dubai for ages 4 years to 16 years old. We have qualified coaches ready to bring the basketball skills out of your child!


Our Goals and Mission:

Our Basketball Classes in Dubai are an amazing way for your child to learn social skills, get fit, and learn about basketball in a caring and safe environment. Players also learn about leadership, being part of a team, and most importantly, to have fun.


Our Coaches:

Khaled Al Halabi , Coach Lana AL Kurdi , Coach Nawras Al Kurdi , Coach Bashar


These are some amazing features of our Basketball classes in Dubai.

1. All our team they’re from one family certified coaches with a great experience playing with the national team and from (UAE BASKETBALL FEDERATION AND FIBA).

2. High quality indoor courts that have sitting areas for parent and changing and bathroom facilities.

3. Experience qualified coaches that use the best modern coaching techniques and practices for players.

4. Value for money as sessions are 60 minutes that allow for a game at the end to reinforce and practice skills learned during the sessions.

5. Individualized training program with small coach/player ration as players are divided into age and ability groups allowing focused support to each player.

6. Games on a regular basis with another academies to give players the opportunity to practice their skills in gameplay.

7. Games include friendly games weekly and leagues and tournaments regularly.

8. All players are encouraged to participate.

Premier Genie

As a learning center in Dubai offering educational summer camps and after school activities, Premier Genie is proud to have directors who have gone through the academic challenges of top notch institutes in the world. With degrees in B.Engineering from Lancaster University , BTech from Indian Institute of Technology and MBA from IIM and European MBA schools, they managed to build successful careers in the corporate world. They are passionate about education and are eager to impart their skills to young children and take them along the path of success in academics.

SAMA Football

Sama Sports Academy offers a full development programme that provides footballers of all ages and abilities the opportunity to learn the game in a fun and educational environment. The sessions are aimed towards children aged 4 – 16, and players will participate within their age category to maximize enjoyment & improvement. Ratios are kept to a minimum to ensure that players receive the best quality, one to one and group time with their coach. The sessions are designed by our UEFA qualified coaches.

Section 1 – The Warm Up

This Section focuses on technical play, dribbling, turns, skills and ball manipulation. The goal is to master the basic techniques, thus providing a platform for further development. The first part of the session always targets the main technical content for the week, for example dribbling, passing & shooting.

Section 2 – The Main Session Objective

The second part of the session will be broken down over a period of 10-12 weeks across, dribbling, passing and shooting. The players will learn a variety of techniques and skills across the three main components of football.

Section 3 – The Match

The final part of the will session will see the players enter a competitive match in which they will be asked to develop the skills they learned during the warm up / main session and incorporate them into a competitive match environment.

SK Fitness 

We are a locally grown brand that was created in March 2015 by our Founder and Co Owner Coach Ahmed Sabry.

Our journey started by coaching family members , close friends and neighbours in a community park and it was only one client and from there the snow ball started to get bigger and bigger, and now after more than 5 years in the market we are proud to say that we have more than 100 active clients and hundreds of followers whom we consider as our Family,

Our slogan represents the mission that we believe in which is Building healthier communities and building healthier future for the next generation


Strikerz Badminton


Our mission is to create strong future Badminton champions.

We have a team of successful international coaches, who are ex national players that have played at international arena.

We provide long term, short term intensive and exclusive training programs here in UAE which allows us to provide each player unmatched personal attention, guidance and service.

UAE Karate Kids Club

UAE KARATE KID PROJECT is a karate adapted project to kids and teens, created by UAE Karate Kids Club (UAE-KKC) that intends to be developed in conjunction with UAE’s nurseries and Schools. This is a successful project that began in Portuguese Schools in 2008. Today, in Portugal, this project involves nurseries, schools, companies, universities, federations, associations, sports clubs, communities and other local and national authorities.

The success of this project goes through in our methodologies of teaching and learning. Karate with these methodologies provides an extraordinary physical development and requires for practitioner a continuous improvement of your personality. In other words, the karate in addition to a strong physical component had a philosophy that involves virtues necessary for a positive social action: respect, discipline, friendship, loyalty, confidence, leadership, intelligence, concentration, focus, courage, determination and goal achievement.

The articulation between schools and this project showed excellent responses in the organization and sense of life for many young people. The principles and values, the effort, dedication and organization are key concepts for practitioners.