Extracurricular Activity Programme

South View School offers a full range of Extracurricular activities, running throughout the week for all students. A range of sporting, academic, language and creative activities will be available to the South View Students. All squads will be in addition to these ECAs.

Please note: all squad ECAs are selective and an invitation to join is based on the trial.

We are pleased to also offer a range of paid additional extra-curricular activities by our third-party external providers.

Apex Sports Academy

Apex would like to welcome all of the South View School students to Swimming classes!

We will be delivering a APEX made bespoke swim programme that will allow your child to become the best swimmer that they can be. We use a holistic learning programme with a “Continual Assessment Approach” where your child will progress through our stages with an aim to eventually transition into a competitive swim squad.

Swimming lessons helps children to:

  • Develop self confidence
  • Create water safety awareness
  • Maintain an active and healthy lifestyle
  • Gives a sport for LIFE
  • Practice new skills

Apollo Perelini Rugby Skills Academy (APRSA)

Apollo Perelini Rugby Skills Academy (APRSA) is the leading rugby academy in the UAE. Providing rugby skills coaching and segmented teaching of the fundamental basics of rugby to children of all ages.

The ‘Skills in Schools’ programme was developed to facilitate a rugby experience to cater for all levels from beginners; new rugby players; to current school players.

The APRSA coaches have designed a curriculum as an introduction to rugby, focused on basic skills and movements, to build confidence for young players and non-players of rugby. Incorporated into the programme is SAQ (speed, agility, and quickness) which improves movements, balance, and mechanics. Together rugby skills and SAQ equip children to play with confidence and competence.

We provide a structured and engaging environment that maximises the learning experience of our players. APRSA is commited to encouraging the participation in and development of rugby in the region’s schools.


Programme encompasses:

  • Challenging the child cognitively to encourage his or her intellectual skills that require thought processing.
  • Challenging the child perceptually to help them to interpret the skill presented to them quicker.
  • Challenging the child to improve their motor skills through active movement and encouraged muscle control:
      • Running with the ball
      • Catching the ball/ Receiving the ball
      • Passing the ball/ Basic pass
      • Ball familiarization
      • Running/ Speed
      • Changing direction (Multi-directional)
      • Body positioning

Atletas Tennis Academy

Atletas Tennis Academy introduces proven to be effective Spanish methodology to achieve all those components. Spanish method emphasizes on balance, footwork and mental strength. To learn more, please try out one of our classes. We offer tennis lessons – all levels – for kids (age 3+) as well as adults. With the guidance of the team of experienced coaches, our students have performed well in UAE tournaments and competition, and some of them are UAE number one ranking in their age categories. 

Classes on Offer:

Cubs Tennis Program introduces tennis to 2 – 4 years old children, at Wonders Years. Our goal is to encourage kids to be passionate about sports and healthy life, through tennis activities. This program has been designed by Professional Pedagogues and Tennis Specialists.

Junior Program classes are conducted on the weekdays, from 4 to 8 pm, and on the weekend mornings from 8 to 11 am. Days and times depends on players age and skills. Classes are usually 60 minutes. We currently have all levels and ages.

High Performance Tennis Program assists students to become the most complete tennis players, able to manage all levels and modes of competitions. Those players selected will join UAE Tennis Leagues and different competition during the year. Session are delivered usually late in the evening, for 90 minutes. We currently have top UAE player U8, U10, U12, U14 and U16. 

DuGym Gymnastics 

DuGym would like to welcome all the South View Students to Gymnastics Classes

We are looking to offer an extensive programme for all the abilities and age groups following the syllabus and ethos set by the British Gymnastics Association.

Gymnastics helps children to

develop coordination, strength and power,

improves flexibility,

stimulates self confidence and self-esteem,

teaching listening and learning skills.

In addition to all the recreational levels we will run Acrobatic Gymnastics classes as a discipline where gymnasts perform together acrobatic moves, dance and tumbling, set to music:

balance routine focuses on strength and flexibility,

dynamic routine includes throws catches

combined routine is a mix from both balance and dynamic.

We are also looking forward to partnership with the school in the Gymnastics School Squad program to offer all the south view students the possibility to compete and represent their school throughout the academic year.

Please feel free to contact DuGym to know more information.

Looking forward to see you in the Gym at South View School.

Empire Football Club

Empire Sports Academy advocates a healthy lifestyle through football among the youth of the UAE> Our Academy focuses on discovering new, young talent and coaching them towards sporting professionalism through the practice of football and fitness.

At Empire Sports Academy, our goal is to identify, develop and produce the talented footballers the U.A.E. has to offer. By providing the best football experience from an early age, Empire Sports Academy strives to pursue excellence in a professional and competitive setting whilst also ensuring a fun, friendly atmosphere and a lasting experience at the Academy. We believe in building a strong foundation for budding football players by teaching them strong values, perseverance and diligence whilst they learn valuable techniques and skills to become ultimate game changers?

Each lesson will follow a similar basic structure:

  • Warm up and introduction to topic
  • Technical content
  • Progression of content to game situation
  • Cool down
  • Feedback on session
  • Overview

Our highly skilled and UEFA – certified coaches are committed to creating a safe, positive and nurturing environment to ensure every individual meets their full potential and inculcating them with the value of sportsmanship.

Esperia Volleyball Academy

Esperia Volleyball Academy aims to create a fun-filled and positive learning environment for all those involved in our training programs. We take utmost pride in our team of internationally recognized coaches coming from different countries to deliver the best training available worldwide in terms of approach and methodologies.

At Esperia Volleyball Academy, there is nothing more important than ensuring professional training for players of all ages and levels, including beginners. With a mission to be recognized as the leading volleyball academy in the region, we are committed to delivering the best indoor and beach volleyball classes in Dubai.

Whether you are a parent looking for a sport for your child, an adult looking to improve your skills or take part in a new sport, an advanced player looking for a team, or an organization interested in organizing activities for your employees, we are here to share our experience and knowledge with you. So, what are you waiting for? Gear up and get ready to be coached to reach your full potential!

Hoops Dreams Basketball Academy

“One Team One Dream”

Hoops Dreams Basketball Academy provides basketball coaching across all age groups and skill levels.

Coaching sessions are designed to improve a player’s basketball and leadership skills.

Players will gain the confidence to take their game to the next level by learning skills and drills, including dribbling, passing, rebounding, and shooting to name a few. It is also a great way to stay fit while having fun and learning more about the game of basketball.

Our coaches experience range from FIBA approved, ex-professional and all have many years of knowledge in basketball. They are professional, knowledgeable, and well experienced to evaluate the player’s current skills level, develop a practice plan and continually assess progress whilst shifting focus as players progress and develop.

Step Up Academy

Established in 2011, StepUp Academy has become one of Dubai’s leading Ballet & Performing Arts Schools..

Offering classes from 6 weeks old, through to adults. The Academy offers a high-quality service with experienced and qualified instructors from around the globe. Classes are available in a wide variety of gernes, meaning there is something for everyone. Beginners through to advanced, competition teams which travel overseas to compete and additional training for those wanting to pursue a future in the industry. We also pride ourselves that we are also able to offer specialized and dedicated classes for people of determination.

In addition to our regular studio classes where we train over 700 students weekly, we also offer holiday camps, workshops with professionals from the industry, as well as taking part in many events, shows, exams and competitions, both locally and internationally.

StepUp Academy are re-occurring winners in various competitions overseas in locations such as USA & Paris and have a vast selection of trophies and awards and are also silver medalists for the Special Olympics in 2019!

If you are looking for a family oriented, professional Academy with high standards, which caters for everyone and anyone then StepUp Academy is the right place for you and your family.

 Shaolin Kung Fu Training Club

We are a Chinese martial art school established in UAE since 2011. Currently we’ve got more than 20 schools, authorities and over 1500 students training with us . We offer traditional Kung Fu training for mind, body and spirit, while providing a professional friendly environment to enhance the martial arts training, which the students will learn effective self-defense techniques that include kicks, punches, strikes, joint locks, take downs and submissions while getting in top physical shape. There are separate classes for kids, teens, ladies and men with each starting from beginner to advanced levels.

Our feature

The genesis of Kung Fu has been attribute to the need for self defense hunting techniques which we focus more than power. That’s the main factor that made us different with other martial arts. 

Why us

To let the kids learn Kung Fu, we are focusing not only what we teach but also what they will truly learn. Aiming to students, they will learn self-defenses skills, animal forms, weapons, jump kicks, strikes to make them strong. Aiming to parents, we make their kids more confident, improve their body strength. Aiming to school, we let the students knows more on respect ,teach them to focus and self-discipline. Of course, there are more for them to discover….
Most important, the instructors of us are all fully qualified with International coaching degree. Taught by Shaolin Temple where Kung Fu original comes from.

Total Sports Academy

We are an inclusive academy which is open for both boys and girls from FS1-Year11.

Total Sports Academy provides a wide range of sporting activities for students for both after school activities and extra-curricular activities during school hours. The sports included are; football, netball, volleyball, swimming, yoga, ballet, street dance, rugby, tennis, and karate. All our coaches are fully qualified specialists in their specific area of expertise.

Our aim in each session coincides with our values as a company which is to provide an immersive, engaging experience that allows the children to develop technically and socially. Furthermore, all sessions are planned to highlight progression and enjoyment for the children. 

All of our sessions are designed to cater a maximum of 14:1 coach – student ratio. This allows for the coach to provide an intricate and individualised focus-based session which targets each child’s strengths and areas of improvement.

Meet Our Netball Coach

Sara is an experienced Level 2 qualified Netball coach from the United Kingdom. She has worked with primary schools all the way up to high performing club squads. She has worked with Worcester County Netball squads, West Midlands Warriors and is now coaching for the Dubai Hurricanes.

UAE – Karate Kids Club (KKC)

We are a group of karate coaches from Europe and we are teaching at South View School. Karate is a great activity and through our methodologies become an interesting psychophysical challenge for kids and teens in the school context.

With no doubt karate is one of the most complete activities (physically, psychologically, emotionally, and socially) that kids and all people of all ages can do.

At SVS, Ricardo will be the main coach