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At South View School, we offer exceptional value – a high-quality British education within reach of the community.




Our mission is to provide our students with a high-quality, authentic British education that will truly add value and enable them to access the global opportunities around them. Our engaging, inquiry-based and student-led curriculum encourages students to be aspirational, creative and entrepreneurial. Our aim is for every South View student to achieve their full potential by equipping them with the life skills they will need to succeed in the 21st century world into which they will graduate. The happiness, well-being, and success of all our South View family members is our ultimate goal.

Why Choose South View?

South View School boasts some exceptional facilities, with specialist areas being provided for every Key Stage; careful planning has allowed us to design a school that will meet all our academic needs as the school grows to provide IGCSE and A’ Level options. Our premium facilities include separate and dedicated specialist science, art, music, IT and athletic facilities for Foundation Stage, Primary and Secondary, in addition to separate playgrounds, break-out areas and social spaces for each of our age groups.

In addition, South View’s sports facilities, include a full secondary school-sized football field, a competition-sized, temperature-controlled swimming pool as well as a smaller training pool for younger children, 3 Multi-Purpose Halls for a range of athletics, a dance studio, multiple outdoor roof courts and access to 3 dedicated tennis courts.

However the key to our school lies in the opportunities the students have to mould their own education, they are at the centre of our decision-making and with a strong Student Voice programme they are helping us shape our school. SVS is keen to listen to our community and provide an education that supports the needs of its students today and in the future. An SVS student knows they can make a difference.

  • Specialist areas for every Key Stage
  • State of the Art Science department
  • Amazing Art facilities
  • Specialist Music studios
  • Cutting edge IT facilities
  • Separate playgrounds
  • World Class athletic facilities
  • Secondary school-sized football field
  • Competition sized swimming pool

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