Our Curriculum

Students at South View School follow a broad and rich curriculum, which maintains a significant degree of consistency with other British Curriculum schools around the world. This enables us to ensure a continuity of study for all of our students.

The academic programme is based on the National Curriculum for England, delivered in English and adapted to take into account our international context and local circumstances. Being a Dubai school, Arabic is an important language for all of our students to learn and Islamic Studies is delivered to our Muslim students, as directed by the Ministry of Education.

South View School is committed to ensuring that the ‘whole child’ progresses, we do not focus solely on the academics. Our student-centered approach nurtures the individual abilities of our students. Our students are taught to utilise their own initiative and innovation and to actively participate in the learning process in a reflective and evaluative way.

South View students are equipped with all the skills required in a challenging and changing world. We seek to inspire and engage our students on their learning journey by offering a broad and balanced curriculum.