At South View School, we believe that assessment is an essential part of teaching and learning. We use a range of base-line assessments that show capability and help us to track the progress of each student as they travel through the school. The data presented by these assessments is, however, internal and forms part of our quality control to ensure that we are meeting the needs of each of the students.

We will regularly assess our students in numerous ways and use this data to monitor progress and inform curriculum development and lesson planning. It is important that our students understand what they have achieved and what their targets are. We aim, therefore, to develop a culture that fosters confident, independent learners who have an awareness of both their strengths and weaknesses so that they can fully realise their various potentials.

Formative assessment supports this and written comment, annotation and student teacher dialogue will increasingly replace the more traditional raw percentiles and grades. Teachers regularly feedback progress and attainment being made by the students to parents via parent-consultations and reports. A triangulated partnership (students, teachers and parents) is the key to successful learning and it is paramount that all members of the partnership are fully informed, supported and accountable.

Our through-school model ensures seamless transition between year groups and Key Stages. At South View School we have a strong emphasis on achievement and the celebration of success. Our student-centered approach nurtures the individual abilities of our students.