Specialist Teaching

Links are made throughout the different curriculum areas to enrich the learning experience of our students.


Teaching and learning the Arabic language holds an integral place within our curriculum. We aim to enable each student to develop a good understanding of the language and eventually, to be able to speak and write Arabic fluently. To enhance the children’s ability to understand, utilise different teaching methods like playing Arabic games, drama, arts and crafts, and projects for our students to complete.

Islamic Studies:

Our aim is teach all Muslim students the pillars of Islam, Islamic faith and morals, enabling them to efficiently apply them to their lives. We also pay attention to the religious occasions such as Eid-al-Fitr and Eid al-Adha, so that the children realise their importance and value. At SVS, we encourage our Islamic teachers to go beyond the textbook and use a variety of resources to engage the students.

Physical Education:

At South View School, we seek to educate and develop the whole child, and Physical Education forms an integral part of the whole school curriculum. It allows students to develop physically, socially, emotionally, and cognitively. They learn to work as part of the team, to recognise the abilities of others and to have an enjoyable learning experience. We believe that the Health and Wellbeing of our students is an important factor in ensuring they achieve to their full potential. We promote this through endless sporting opportunities, provided by qualified sport teachers. One of which is Peripatetic Tennis programme provided by Los Atletas Tennis Academy, which offers specialist lessons both within and outside the school day. All Students receive two Physical Education lessons a week plus there are many extracurricular sporting activities available to our students. These activities are open to all qualified physical abilities. Students will also have the opportunity to compete with other schools as part of a competitive sports squad.


Science and technology are advancing at a faster rate than ever before, so it goes without saying that it is imperative that our children have access to the most up-to-date equipment and learning tools from an early age. Our resources and facilities that have been expertly designed to ensure that our students can begin to fully embrace 21st century learning and prepare themselves for their future careers, whatever they may be.


Students at SVS are taught 21st century ICT skills to prepare them for their life-long learning journey and future careers. The vision at SVS is to improve learning outcomes through cross-curricular application of Computing to prepare students with the process skills to deliver success for an ever evolving global environment of information and technology.

Modern Foreign Languages (MFL):

At SVS, we offer all students from Year 3 onwards, a choice of Spanish or French, as their MFL. Through the study of these MFL our students gain a high level of language competence to prepare them successfully for life in the international workplace where linguistic ability will be increasingly important. our students thrive in their language classes because of highly engaging teaching and a creative curriculum which stimulates learning and challenges students of all abilities. At all times the teaching staff endeavour to support the needs of all students, by providing more challenging work our student’s language learning. These include songs and rhymes, sotires, classroom and online games, fun activities such as interviewing and writing diaries, as well as role-play.


The Primary Music room is well equipped with a variety of musical instruments to enhance the learning experience. Music students at SVS students are provided with many opportunities to perform and showcase their skills. All students are inspired and challenged by our inclusive Music curriculum.


Students at South View are taught Art by a specialist Art Teacher in an engaging, purpose built Art Studio. The studio is resourced with a plethora of tools and equipment to enable the students to be creative and imaginative.