Admissions Documents & Forms

It is a legal requirement in the United Arab Emirates that all children are registered with the Knowledge and Human Authority Department (KHDA). The School will conduct this on your behalf provided that the relevant documents are presented prior to your child starting school at South View.

In order to comply with the UAE Educational Authorities regulations, all students must be registered with the KHDA (Knowledge Human Development Authority). Upon receiving an offer letter, the documents required for registration are as follows:

  • Copy of child’s passport
  • Copy of child’s birth certificate (must be in English or Arabic)
  • 4 Passport sized photographs of your child
  • Copy of child’s residence visa- when available
  • Copy of child’s Emirates ID card (front and back)-when available
  • Colour copies of both parents’ passports
  • Copies of both parents’ visas – when available
  • Copy of both parents’ and /or guardians’ Emirates Id card (front and back) – when available
  • Copy of child’s latest school /nursery report or previous 2 years reports if applying for Secondary School
  • Copy of medical immunisation record
  • Medical consent form

An original Transfer / Leaving Certificate from the previous school is required to register a child with any school in the United Arab Emirates. Please ensure you request a Transfer / Leaving Certificate from your current school if you are arriving from outside Dubai. The latest school report which shows the year group in which they have been studying should also be submitted (if applicable).

The following guidelines apply to the Transfer Certificate (TC) and must be included on the document:

  • Full name of the student
  • Date of birth of the student
  • Date of admission at students’ previous school
  • Curriculum taught at students’ previous school
  • Year group / Grade to which the student was admitted in the previous school
  • Year group / Grade that student completed in the previous school
  • Year group / Grade that student is promoted to
  • Date that student left the previous school
  • School stamp and signature

All Transfer / Leaving Certificates should be written in English or Arabic and must be handed in to the Admissions Office before the student commences school. Please read carefully with regards to which attestation you will need to provide, depending on the country that the current/previous school is located in:

Coming From Attestation needed from
UK,Australia, USA, Canada, Western Europe, New Zealand No attestation required, only a letter on the current school’s letterhead with a school stamp and head Teacher’s signature, including the student’s details (please see Tc example)
African countries (including South Africa), Middle Eastern countries, Russia, Eastern European countries, all Asian countries, South American countries. * Education Authority of the origin (from the country of TC origin)
* Ministry of Foreign Affairs (from the country of TC origin)
* UAE Embassy (from the country of TC origin)
GCC Countries (Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar & Oman)  Must have their original TCs attested only by the Education Authority of the origin (from the country of TC origin).
Children coming from another UAE Emirate Must have their original TCs attested only by the Education Authority of that Emirate.
Students coming from India The TC/Leaving Certificate needs to be attested by the Education Officer of the Zone/District/Area from where the Certificate is obtained. The seal and signature of the Education Officer must be verified by the Indian Consulate in Dubai and the UAE Foreign Affairs Ministry.

Please Note

It is the responsibility of the parents to obtain all required attestations. Please make sure you seek this information yourself as changes are made periodically and without notice. We kindly request that you give the School at least two weeks’ notice, in writing, to prepare all your leaving documents; we cannot otherwise guarantee that the paperwork will be ready for your collection.

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