Our premium facilities include separate and dedicated specialist science, art, music, IT and athletic facilities for Foundation Stage, Primary and Secondary, in addition to separate playgrounds, play areas and social spaces for each of our age groups.

In addition, South View has first-rate sports facilities, including a full secondary school-sized football field, a competition-sized, temperature-controlled swimming pool as well as a smaller training pool for younger children, 3 Multi-Purpose Halls for a range of athletics, multiple outdoor roof courts and access to 3 dedicated tennis courts for our peripatetic tennis program.

Foundation Stage

Our Foundation Stage (“FS”) is a separate and self-contained ground floor block, with its own dedicated indoor and outdoor premium facilities, which include 2 FS indoor activity areas, an FS Playground, FS Multi-Purpose Hall and a separate splash pool, along with FS-only intervention and withdrawal rooms for small-group teaching and learning activities.

The spirit of Foundation Stage is embodied in the premium facilities that have been specially-designed and custom-built for our youngest children. The bright colours, sunlit spaces, and whimsical touches create a feel of an active and stimulating children’s learning zone.


All our FS classrooms are large and bright, equipped with interactive white boards and a range of technological and educational resources to stimulate inquiring minds and enhance the learning process. Each FS classroom has its own attached toilet and opens out into a spacious and well-equipped, central indoor activity area. Both the classrooms and our well-resourced indoor activity areas have been specifically designed to enhance the learning environment and provide our students with a range of multi-sensory activities along their learning journey.

In keeping with best practices of the British Early Years Foundation Stage Programme where outdoor learning is a key component of the curriculum, all our FS classrooms have their own dedicated outdoor areas which act as an ‘extension’’ to the classroom itself, with direct access via doors. These outdoor FS classroom extension areas feature a range of curriculum-linked, outdoor learning activities, such as water and sand play, mark-making, sensory and construction activities, role play and small world play. In addition, we have a permanent outdoor playground area and a separate Multi-Purpose Hall, dedicated to Foundation Stage which ensures that physical development, in particular gross motor skills, is emphasised.

Primary students playing with slime
Primary School

Our Primary School is a distinct and self-contained zone, housed on the ground and first floor, separate from Foundation Stage and the Secondary School. Years 1 to 4, along with the primary Arabic, Islamic and Inclusion Department are on the ground floor, with Years 5 and 6 and other primary specialist facilities above on the first floor. Each year group is arranged in an organic cluster design, with classrooms for every year, grouped together. Distributed between year groups are the communal indoor activity areas, which are used in a variety of ways, ranging from focused, small-group teaching sessions, to collaborative, student-led group work to project-based activities, as well as for break times in the warmer months.

On the first floor, in addition to the Year 5 and 6 classrooms and indoor activity areas, are the dedicated primary specialist facilities, including a Music Room, a STEM suite consisting of a Science Lab and Computer Lab, an Art Studio and a Primary Library. These specialist facilities have been designed exclusively for the use of our primary school children and are accessible only to them. Our primary specialist facilities are integral to delivering the high-quality, all-rounded British education that has been such a well-regarded feature of our sister school, Victory Heights Primary.

The primary school premium facility has been designed to promote children’s independence whilst ensuring a safe and secure environment and has therefore been designed with a high level of passive supervision in mind. There are separate boys and girl’s toilets visibly and strategically placed off the indoor activity areas, and offices for the academic leadership team are scattered throughout the primary school, in the heart of the teaching and learning areas, facilitating a high level of observation and monitoring.

Secondary School

Our Key Stage 3 students continue with the National Curriculum through years 7 – 9. Some changes will include the level and the amount of independent work the children experience, as well as some curriculum expansion as subjects such as science, put more emphasis on the three major disciplines. Our Key Stage 3 prepares students for their IGCSE courses in Key Stage 4 which lead to A’ Levels in Year 12 and 13.

Key Stage 3 is an exciting time to be an SVS student. As pupils find their strength in areas of the curriculum they are also encouraged to take on more leadership roles within the school. Our SVS ambassadors represent their school as members of the student council, as part of the House System, as prefects and even buddies to our younger students, there is a role for everyone. Additional trips and inter-school competitions make for a busy yet valuable Secondary experience.