Our Houses

The House system is a tried and tested framework to develop skills of teamwork, commination, trust and positive pride.  At South View our Houses are named after four key elements: Earth, Fire, Air and Water: In the same way that these elements are intrinsic to our planet, our four houses underpin the very being of our school.  Each has its own attributes and strengths, with each being equally important.


TERRA pupils have a fantastic team spirit. We always encourage each other to give our very best and, as individuals, we are curious and determined. We have a strong desire to grasp every opportunity, learn from our mistakes, adapt from feedback, and take the positives from negative situations. Our team colour is Green. Despite all the houses having their own strengths, the Earth will keep on turning no matter what, Terra will never give up. Green is also associated with Envy, and that makes perfect sense because it is abundantly clear that the other houses are envious of us! Our desire to face challenges head on and give our absolute best every time is recognised by all. We have created a culture where; we constantly try to improve ourselves and the ones around us; have an attitude where we are not afraid to take risks and step out of our comfort zone; play hard but fair.


IGNIS, the place where it all started. With a warm flame nurturing growth and giving comfort to all those around us. Do not be complacent though as the same flame that nurtures is an unstoppable force to be reckoned with! The embers of our spirit can quickly grow to show off the blazing power that we are! Ignis members are passionate about every aspect of their lives and are always willing to lend a helpful hand to those who are in need or assist the community around them. Ignisians work together to form the brightest flame which sparks passion and hope in all of those around them leading to greatness and collaboration. We are bright, we share our passion and are always there for those who need us.


AERIS, the brightest and boldest of the South View houses, people can resist the temptation to smile when they are in the presence of the powerful and majestic force that emanates from any Aeris house member. In Aeris we pride ourselves on having great knowledge that allows us to blow like the strongest gust of wind into every new opportunity. As individuals, members of Aeris possess the ability to powerfully flow into any situation, like a calm and cooling breeze. We move with the wind adapting the skills we need to achieve a task. When we come together as one, Aeris are a force to be reckoned with! Our strong sense of community binds us together and allows us to approach each and every challenge with unprecedented gusto! Teamwork is one of our greatest strengths, and this allows us to support one another to heights that others can only dream of reaching. Together, we can make it to the top! We are strong, we are supportive, and we know where we want to go!


AQUA, an intuitive, emotional and sensitive team that brings a breath of freshness to South View School. Aqua means “water” in Latin and nothing can be softer, powerful or more flexible and every living thing needs it. Every Aqua house member has big dreams and, like water, they are the driving force of all nature and school. Individually we are a drop, but together we are an ocean. Like waves we rise by lifting others to their best performance, showing their talents and contributing to their fullest potential. Blue is our colour, the only one that maintains its own character in all its tones. No matter whether bright or dark days we will always be Aqua. Blue symbolises qualities that are important for us: trust, loyalty and confidence. Together we can surf bigger waves! Let’s go AQUA!!