South View School has outsourced the school transport service. The company operating the bus fleet maintains exceptional safety standards and strictly follows the specifications and regulations laid down by the Road Transport Authority of Dubai.  All buses are fitted with Video Surveillance System, Global Positioning Systems and scanners for the purposes of student attendance confirmation and safety. The bus company works closely with the school administration team to ensure that parents and students receive the best service possible.

We are unfortunately not able to guarantee all bus routes requested. After submitting the Transport Request Form, the area specialist will check the route and the pick-up / drop off point to assess whether they are able to offer the service in your area and that the pick-up / drop off point is safe. Once this has been confirmed you will be notified of the timings, bus number, driver’s details and number plus the bus Nanny’s contact number.

The transport fee is divided into three terms. The fee should be paid before the beginning of a term. Full payment for each term should be paid irrespective of the number of working days. Transport use can be discontinued only at the end of a term. No refund shall be made for the unexpired portion of the term, in case of withdrawal from transport facility.