What Makes Us Different?

At South View School, we offer an academic programme with a difference. We strongly believe that student-initiated learning facilitates all-round development. We believe that students need to be given as many opportunities to learn outside the classroom as within it. To this end, we plan to integrate a high level of language learning and competitive sport instruction into the school day and to encourage students to participate. Please see below for more information on these specialist programmes.

Mother-Tongue Language Instruction Programme

We believe that it is very important for all students to maintain proficiency in their own mother-tongue and we understand how challenging this can be in Dubai. We want to encourage students to continue native-language learning, and to this end, in addition to our curriculum language teaching, we offer a peripatetic mother-tongue language instruction programme. This gives students the opportunity to attend mother-tongue language lessons, both during and after the school day, on a peripatetic basis, at an additional charge.

Our mother-tongue language instruction programme is provided via third-party companies, language organisations and external tutors. It is our aim to offer provision for Spanish, Italian, Greek, Russian, French, German, Urdu and Hindi, with the intention to provide opportunities in other native languages as well. As provision will depend upon the level of participation for any given language, further information on schedules, timings, groupings, class sizes, curriculums and prices can only be provided at a later date and will ultimately be at the discretion of our third-party providers.

Peripatetic Tennis Programme

At South View School, in partnership with Los Atletas tennis academy, we are proud to offer a unique peripatetic tennis programme, integrated into our school day, available at an additional charge. Parents have the option to enroll their child in the Los Atletas tennis programme which will run before, during and after school hours on our dedicated tennis courts. During school hours, students will attend specialist tennis coaching instead of their PE lesson and be given access to the tennis courts at break times.