Senior Leadership Team

Joanne Wells

Joanne Wells


Joanne is a very experienced and incredibly able British educator who joins South View from her current base in Paris, where she has been working as an educational consultant for the last year. Prior to that, Joanne was the Founding Principal of the British School of Bucharest for 13 years where she developed it from a small primary school of 70 children to a full primary and secondary school of 525+ students.
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Joanne has a very strong track record in school development gained over 25 years, having worked all over the world, from the UK to the USA, UAE and Europe, in senior leadership roles. Under Joanne’s leadership, the British School of Bucharest achieved affiliation by COBIS and was approved by BSO, in addition to being rated Good to Excellent in 3 consecutive Independent Schools Inspections (2009, 2012 & 2015).  

The academic success and development of a strong moral compass for all students is at the centre of all her decisions within the world of education. Her leadership philosophy is that success is best achieved through the establishment of strong professional relationships and working in true collaboration with a close team of teachers and management staff.

Joanne is an articulate communicator and a confident leader of people with significant experience in leading strategy, managing processes and achieving results. Her strengths lie in situational analysis, honest leadership and as an agent of change.

Joanne has a B.Ed Hons. (Psychology) from the University of Leicester and an MBA in Educational Leadership from the University College London.

Hayley Lamb

Hayley Lamb

Head of Primary

Hayley joins us from GEMS Metropole, where she was formerly Deputy Head of Primary. With ample experience, excellent qualifications and numerous awards in teacher training, staff development, coaching and mentoring. Hayley is well-equipped to guide, support and challenge the staff at South View School in their professional learning journey.
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Hayley is an experienced and passionate primary school leader and educator who is a strong believer in life-long learning. 

Hayley’s love and passion for teaching began shortly after she finished her law degree at university. In celebration, Hayley took a year out and traveled to Thailand where she secured a job teaching English in various private schools throughout Bangkok. This amazing experience then inspired Hayley to professionally re-train as a primary school teacher back in the United Kingdom, where she taught as a class teacher for three years. Following her British experience, Hayley’s love for foreign cultures and international travel brought her to the Middle East where she has worked at four different British-curriculum schools during her 8 years overseas, including leading schools such as Jumeirah Primary School; initially, as a class teacher and in more recent years, as a school leader.

Hayley is also mum to two little boys, Eddy (4) and Henry (2), and is very excited about them becoming part of the South View family in September! Whilst juggling work and family commitments, Hayley has also spent the past few years studying for her Master’s degree in Education and has specializing in both Educational Leadership and Teaching & Learning modules. Hayley’s passion for learning grows with every new opportunity presented to her and her qualifications, range of experience and depth of knowledge make her an excellent choice to lead the primary school at South View.

Hayley is currently based at The Wonder Years Nursery, opposite the South View School site in Remraam, where she would be very happy to meet with you and discuss your child’s future at South View.